Repainting our kitchen

Repainting our kitchen

Three Reasons Why Fresh Interior Paint May Help Reduce Family Allergies

Leonard Davis

One of the fastest ways to brighten up the interior of a house is to apply a fresh coat of paint. But, did you know that new paint may also play a part in the reduction of your family's allergy issues? As a new homeowner who wants to renovate their building purchase, here are three reasons why fresh interior paint may make a big difference to the health of your family.

Mould Reduction

Mould inside the home plays a major part in triggering a family's allergy issues. Mould spores float around in the air inside the home, and once these are inhaled, they irritate the body's respiratory system. After determining why mould is growing in the home and eliminating its source, mould-prone areas must be painted with a product that is mould and mildew resistant. Your commercial house painter knows which brands work best for the climate you live in. For example, Queensland has high humidity so it needs a strong, mould-resistant product. Victoria, by comparison, is less humid so this paint type is only needed in bathrooms and kitchens, which are traditionally where the creation of steam and condensation occurs. When your painter applies a mould-killing primer first, this product kills any residual mould spores it comes into contact with, so you know you can breathe easier after application.

Washable Paint

As you already know, another way to reduce family allergy issues is to reduce the amount of dust and dirt in your home. By choosing washable paint, this chore gets a whole lot easier. The emulsion formulation in washable paint is designed for it to be wiped clean without heavy scrubbing or the use of chemical cleaners. This means that removing dust, dirt, grimy fingerprints and the occasional over-zealous wall artwork is as easy as pulling out a wet cloth. For large surface areas, you can use a mop on the walls to regularly remove allergens. Your house painter has colour and sheen options available to suit your room repainting needs.

Low Allergen Paint

When discussing paint choices with your house painter, make sure they are made aware of your family's allergy issues. There are paint choices available that have low volatile organic compounds (VOC). Low VOC paints emit less chemical odour and gas than traditional paint. This means that as the paint dries in your home, there is far less chance of the paint odour irritating your family's health.

If you need further information about how your paint choices impact your family's allergies, have a talk with a house painter


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Repainting our kitchen

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