Repainting our kitchen

Repainting our kitchen

4 Ways Interior and Exterior Painting Helps Increase Your Home's Value When Planning To Sell

Leonard Davis

Interior and exterior painting is a cost-effective way to boost the value of your property. Applying a fresh coat of paint might seem cosmetic, but there are numerous advantages associated with it. With a small investment upfront, painting your house can yield significant payouts when you decide to sell it. Interior and exterior home painting are excellent ways to upgrade your home. However, some finer details can significantly improve your property's look and, ultimately, its value when done professionally. 

Take a look at four ways interior and exterior home repainting can help increase your home's value when planning to sell it:

Kitchen Cabinets

One quick way to breathe life into your kitchen is by adding a fresh paint coat to the cabinets. If you plan to sell your house, consider choosing neutral colours like white, which gives the kitchen a clean, contemporary look. However, if you don't want to change the current colour, applying a quick matching coat will help remove visible scratches. If you have a larger kitchen, hiring a professional cabinet painter for a successful project is recommended. 

The Interior Walls

Interior wall painting can ultimately alter how your home looks and feels. Consider neutral colours, such as beige, grey or white, which appeal more to potential buyers. They can choose to paint the walls with bolder colours should they decide to buy the property. A fresh interior paint coat is a quick way to give your home a brand new look without breaking the bank. It allows you to make a significant impact on a smaller budget. 

The Baseboards

Most homeowners will often overlook the baseboards when repainting their home's interiors. If you have a busy schedule or working under a tight budget, consider professional input for your baseboards. The trim might scratch, fade or scuff the same way walls do, which impacts the overall look of your interiors. However, applying a fresh high-gloss paint coat to your baseboards can give your interiors an instant refresh. 

The Exteriors 

When considering your home's exterior finish, curb appeal means everything. Any homeowner who's tried selling their houses understands the value of stunning exteriors. Receiving professional exterior paintwork can upgrade the house from drab to fab and improve its value significantly. Therefore, when looking into exterior home painting, opt for neutral colours, but bolder colours might add drama and character. 

When you want to sell your home, it's always imperative to get a residential painter to handle at least one or all of the above facets. Doing so will significantly increase your home's selling price and dramatically shorten its market period. 


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Repainting our kitchen

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