Repainting our kitchen

Repainting our kitchen

Unique Painting Ideas For Your Kitchen

Leonard Davis

You might consider painting the kitchen walls to be a bit routine; they're simply a backdrop for the other beautiful surfaces and materials in the room. However, decorative painting techniques can create a range of unique looks. Here are some ways a residential painting contractor can add spark and dash to your kitchen with paint.

Border Prints

One way to add interest and ornament to a wall is to use a stencil to create a border print. Position the border at a chair-rail height or near the ceiling. Go with geometric art-deco designs, organic scrolls, floral motifs or a trim featuring zebra or tiger stripes. The design possibilities are virtually limitless to match various kitchen styles and fashions.

Brickwork Imitation

Sponge painting is the art of adding or removing a glaze to create mottled effects typically using two different colours. With the help of a stencil and brick-coloured paint, you can create the variable look of faux bricks across your kitchen wall. With a durable, washable sealer, your imitation brick wall will be much easier to clean than the real thing. Using a variety of sponges will ensure that the surface doesn't look too uniform.

Picturesque Murals

Another way to create a unique kitchen is by painting a mural across one of the walls. In an old-style decor, stick with a rustic country scene of fields and pasture, or for a modern kitchen, why not incorporate your personal piece of graffiti art? Place a table and chair in front of the mural, which will help to delineate the space as a specific cafe-style dining area.

Accent Walls

A sponge-painted accent wall adds warmth and depth to a space, and because you're limiting the treatment to one wall, it's easier to maintain a clean, fresh character. Combine contrasting hues for a stronger impact or blend similar tones for a subtler effect. Pick out the shades from other kitchen surfaces such as benchtops and flooring to blend the wall with the rest of the decor. With the help of texturising sponges, the treatment can even imitate the variable tones of natural stone and ceramic tiles. 

Distressed Cabinetry

Using a rag or cheesecloth, a contractor can create a range of texture and mottled effects across your cabinetry. Adding a darker glaze over a light base will add depth and dimension. Alternatively, dabbing a light glaze over a dark colour will evoke a frosted, icy look. To give your cabinets an aged, antique air, they can sand off the top layer of paint to reveal the other tone underneath.


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Repainting our kitchen

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