Repainting our kitchen

Repainting our kitchen

Painting A Ceiling To Transform A Room

Leonard Davis

When choosing paint colours for various rooms, it can be easy to forget about the ceiling and to assume white is your only option. But doing this for every room wastes a great design opportunity. Here are some ways to use the ceiling to add interest and drama to your home design.

Start With The Walls

One approach is to start with the wall colour. If a room has pale but not white walls, consider painting the ceiling two or three shades darker. A dark grey ceiling, for instance, pitted against light grey walls unifies the space, creating an attractive, appealing design. If the walls are a medium or dark tone, though, don't go deeper for the ceiling. Instead, try a shade that is two or three shades lighter. Doing this, you can use the potential of the fifth surface rather than waste it.

Pick Up An Accent

Why not look towards bright accent colours within a room to get inspiration for the ceiling? Pick a hue—a green from a rug, blue from a picture or a brown from cushions, for example—and repeat in on the wall above. Using a statement colour like this will alter the look and feel of the space in an instant. 

Going For Black

Black is also an excellent colour for ceilings. It might not be appropriate for all areas, but it can create a sense of drama that is perfect for formal spaces, such as dining rooms. To keep everything balanced, repeat the black throughout the space—you might do this with a black coffee table, cushions, pottery or a lampshade. Otherwise, because black is such an intense colour, it can look sporadic and not feel integrated. Its repetition, though, will bring everything together for a striking impression.

Ceilings Throughout

Remember to reserve these intense hues for when you want to create impact; otherwise, you risk overdoing it. For most of the ceilings throughout the home, maintain a consistent, neutral shade. For a few rooms at the most, use some bright ceiling hues to add that extra spark.

Interior painting contractors can help with colours and ideas for a statement ceiling colour. Key to these techniques is the repetition of hues from the walls or accent items, such as cushions or lamps, to balance the design so that the ceiling feels integrated with everything. Otherwise, it risks looking haphazard and out of place. The accent ceiling will also provide a visual surprise as people walk through your home, as it contrasts with the regularity of the other ceilings.

For more information, contact an interior painting company.


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Repainting our kitchen

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