Repainting our kitchen

Repainting our kitchen

Painting Your Commercial Premises? Consider the Following Colour Schemes

Leonard Davis

When you are painting your residence, you are probably choosing colours that appeal to you so that your house exudes your personality. Commercial painting, on the other hand, should be approached with the aim of attracting your clientele rather than appeasing your personal colour preferences. If you are planning on painting your commercial premises, consider the following colour schemes that can suit your business.

A green colour scheme

Green is a colour that is associated with nature. Nature, on the other hand, has calming connotations. Hence, if you are looking to evoke a sense of calm from your clients, green will be an ideal scheme for your premises. Businesses that need their clients to feel serene (for instance, a spa) will find green to be a choice colour for the premises. On the other hand, if you are a therapist, painting your offices green can help with relaxing your patients during their sessions.

A red colour scheme

Contrary to popular belief, red does not simply signify danger. Red is a colour of passion and vibrancy, making it fitting for businesses that require high energy. If you own a boutique that sells edgy clothing, you could include red in your colour scheme to excite your clients. Red is also optimal for pub owners since it keeps the atmosphere in the premises invigorated. You could also integrate red in an auto shop since the colour scheme can motivate your clients to purchase a vehicle.

A white colour scheme

Although white is usually correlated with purity, it has other meanings too. White can also be associated with creativity due to its brightness, making it perfect for public relations, advertising and marketing companies. White also signifies innocence, which makes it ideal for daycare centres. It's also perfect for premises that want to appear pristine, which adds to how it fits in with childcare centres. You could also choose white for your commercial property if you sell baby products to your customers.

A yellow colour scheme

You may be thinking that yellow is associated with cowardice, but this is not the impression that you will make when you choose this scheme for your premises. In truth, yellow typically signifies warmth and happiness. Moreover, the different hues it comes in allows you to play with this scheme in accordance with your immediate needs. For instance, bright yellow colour schemes invoke positivity and creativity, which will work great in businesses that have children as their target demographic.

For suggestions on your commercial painting project, consider contacting a painting contractor in your area.


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Repainting our kitchen

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