Repainting our kitchen

Repainting our kitchen

Practical Tips for Choosing Artwork for Your Office

Leonard Davis

Whether your business is a medical office, an engineering firm or a high-tech organization, the right artwork can make the space look great. But great art does far more than just perk up your walls and cover up the empty space. Art has the power to motivate, to enlighten and to transport —that is what makes it so wonderful. You may not have the money, or even the desire, to set up a museum in your waiting room or office, but you can still use the power of artwork to motivate your employees, soothe your patients and showcase your business and your brand.

Choosing great art for the office is no easy task, and quality artwork is no mere decoration. There are a number of things to consider when choosing artwork for your business, and those considerations are outlined below.


Color should not be your only consideration when buying artwork. You are, after all, expressing your artistic sensibilities, not merely decorating your office.

Even so, color is an important thing to consider from both a practical and a psychological standpoint. From a practical standpoint, the colors you choose should blend well with your existing decorating theme — avoid colors that clash or do not work well together.

From a psychological perspective, some colors have been shown to have a strong effect on everything from patient comfort to employee productivity. Bright vibrant colors like oranges, reds and yellows tend to pep people up and make them feel good. That is why those colors are staples of call centers and other high-energy workspaces. Earth tones like browns and subdued shades of green and gray are soothing, and they are often found in medical offices and other spaces where relaxation and comfort are important factors.


Where you place the artwork is very important, so map it all out before you start to shop. Chances are you are working with a limited budget, so you will need to carefully consider how many pieces you can afford and where you will place them once they are in your possession.

If your business has a waiting area or a space where visitors gather, that space is a prime one for top quality artwork. A large overarching piece works well for a centralized reception area, while a series of smaller related pieces is a good choice for a large and spread out waiting room. The goal is to give your visitors a tasteful first impression — and something pleasant to look at while they wait.

Artwork is not just for public-facing areas, and that is something you should consider when establishing your budget. A beautiful painting or stylish print in the center of a long hallway can motivate your workers and even lift their mood during a tough day. Placing quality pieces in individual offices can have the same effect, so shop accordingly and think about where you want to place your works of art.

Know Your Clientele

The nature of your clientele and the tastes of your customers should definitely come into play when choosing artwork for your office walls. You may view that 17th century nude as a magnificent piece of art, but your more prudish clients may see it as tasteless or even pornographic.

Understanding where your customers are coming from and what they view as appropriate is essential —the last thing you want your artwork to do is alienate the people who keep you in business.

Art has the power to lift our spirits, delight our senses and transport us to a different space and time. If you have ever gazed in awe at the Mona Lisa or Van Gogh's Starry Night, you already understand the transformative power of artwork and the amazing vision of the artist.

You may not be able to afford a genuine da Vinci or Van Gogh, but you can still use the power of artwork to transform your office into a place of elegance, class and beauty. Knowing what to look for when choosing artwork and how to allocate your limited budget will help you get the most for your money and your time. For more information, contact companies like Armani Painting.


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