Repainting our kitchen

Repainting our kitchen

2 Beautiful Looks Using Metallic Paint For Your Bedroom

Leonard Davis

Metallic wall paints are gaining in popularity for many Australian homeowners. They're a stunning way to add shimmer and glamour to your home's interior. If the idea of metallic paint in the communal rooms of your home seems a little too flashy for you, then you might like to consider using them in the bedroom instead.

Bedrooms are far more private rooms and aren't as likely to be seen by visitors as the kitchen, living room and bathroom of your home. This gives you a great opportunity to have a bit of fun and get a little bit more creative with your paintwork. Here are two ways to use metallic paint to achieve a beautiful look in your bedroom.

1. A metallic feature wall

If you're not keen on using metallic paint for every wall in the bedroom, then creating a metallic feature wall is another, more subtle option. The most popular choice for a feature wall is the one behind the bed but you can also use metallic paint to highlight other walls and features in the bedroom.

Choose a shade of metallic paint that will complement the rest of your bedroom decor. For example, if you have brass fittings in your bedroom furniture, mirror this metal on your feature wall by opting for a warm brass shade of paint. Light metallics such as silver will work best if your bedroom decor uses pastels whites or soft colours.

2. A metallic stencil feature

If the idea of a full room or even a single wall of metallic paint is still too much for your taste, then creating a decorative feature using stencils might be a perfect idea. Stencils are shapes that are cut out of card or plastic which allow you to add paint to a wall and create a uniform and attractive pattern.

Stencils come in many shapes, sizes and patterns. Two popular choices are ornate, curved patterns from the Victorian era and stylised geometric patterns which recreate the beauty of the Art Deco period. Opting for a metallic shade that is harmonious with your main wall paint colour will produce a subtle effect, and a contrasting metallic hue will give you a bolder, more pronounced look.

Metallic paints are beautiful but can be a little tricky to apply if you're inexperienced. For a professional and flawless finish, you're wise to use the services of a local painting and decorating contractor to create your metallic bedroom masterpiece.

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Repainting our kitchen

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