Repainting our kitchen

Repainting our kitchen

Determining Factors When Choosing Floor Coating for a Commercial Building

Leonard Davis

Installing a floor coating on your building can help prevent the flooring material from wear and improve its visual appearance. There are various types of floor coatings on the market today, and part of the selection process involves determining the kind of environment that your flooring is exposed to. Here are some of the factors that should guide you in choosing the suitable floor coating that will provide protection and increase the durability of the flooring.

Safety considerations

Safety is a primary concern in buildings with slippery floors, or floors that are regularly exposed to moisture such as the bathroom. Also, some flooring materials are naturally slippery even when dry, and they require a coating that will provide slip resistance. Choosing non-slip floor coating options can increase the safety of the users of the building and prevent slip and fall accidents. Note that not all floor coatings are non-slip; therefore, you should mainly look for this feature when purchasing them.

Traffic and impact

Flooring systems that are usually exposed to high traffic and direct impact from heavy loads can experience premature wear and tear. This is usually common in commercial buildings and offices. Consider choosing a floor coating that not only coats the flooring material, but also increases its resilience to traffic and heavy impact. Some coatings may require a heavier build so as to protect the floor from wear and tear.

Exposure to chemicals and high temperatures

Chemicals and high temperatures can quickly degrade some types of floor coatings and cause them to lose their functionality. Chemical spills can become an eyesore, especially when they stain the flooring materials. Steam cleaning and exposure of the floor to high temperatures can cause thermal expansion, causing the flooring material and the coating to lose their chemical bond. The coating will begin to wear away and expose the floor to the harsh environment. Choose a floor coating that's particularly resistant to chemical damage and high temperatures.

Aesthetic considerations

Sometimes, floor coatings are used to improve the appearance of the floor. If this is among your primary concerns, you need to choose a coating that is available in various colors and textures. Some coatings such as epoxy can be done in different colors and textures to suit the style of the buildings. Colored and textured coatings are suitable where the flooring material used is plain with no decorative colors and textures.

These are some of the determining factors that you should consider when choosing the ideal floor coating for your building. Hire a qualified contractor for the installation to ensure correct application that will extend the life of the coating and your flooring material as well.


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Repainting our kitchen

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