Repainting our kitchen

Repainting our kitchen

How to Paint Your Walls to Add Visual Interest

Leonard Davis

You've decided to redecorate, and while contacting your local commercial painting contractors, a thought crosses your mind, "Surely there must be something more interesting to do with my walls than just paint them one plain colour, right?"

There are a few easy options to add visual interest with the paint job of your walls.

1. Change the colour of one wall

Changing the colour of one wall can either brighten up a room, by using pastels or vivid hues, or add intimacy to it by using dark, rich shades. You can make that wall a focal point with framed paintings in contrasting colours or move the most beautiful furniture there to draw attention to it. In the bedroom, you can rest the head of the bed frame on it to centre the room. In the kitchen, you can paint the one windowed wall a different colour to make it seem brighter and more airy.

2. Add a pattern

Adding a pattern can easily change a room's mood — from stripes to checkers, anything that adds to the visual complexity of the walls can tell a lot about the room you're in. Vertical stripes are more commonplace, even a bit vintage, depending on the colours you use, and they can make the room look taller. Wider strips are more modern, while thinner ones tend to have a '70's or '80s vibe. You can use them for just one wall or hang picture frames in line with the stripes. The ideas are endless, and you're not limited to stripes only. Checkers are unusual but very chic. Floral patterns are a bit passé, but the larger they are, the more modern they seem. And if you want to go for the delightfully kitsch or hipster, a pattern of a repeating object can really make a mark on the room.

3. Adding a mural

Mural paintings are not for crowded houses; however when applied well, they can make a plainly furnished house look complex and lively. You can paint an accent wall with a map of your favourite country, be it real or fictional, or a landscape from places far, far away, or perhaps a painting of your own choosing. How would it be to wake up and see on the bedroom ceiling Van Gogh's Starry Night?

4. Changing the wall's texture

Textured paints are a very easy way to change the feel of a room. Most of these lend themselves better to natural patterns, such as scratches or sand-like finishes. They're best used on accent walls, especially in contrasting colours to the rest of the room, or in the same colour for a nice surprise when you look closely. They can make the room seem visually heavy if used on all walls, but you can balance them with plain furniture.


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Repainting our kitchen

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